Debate on future of citizenship

What is the future of citizenship? That is the question Twaweza Head Rakesh Rajani will debate on February 23 with Arend Jan Boekestijn, a former member of parliament for the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) in the Netherlands. Boekestijn currently teaches at the University of Utrecht and has written a book on foreign aid policy. He is skeptical of development aid, believing it results in a passive attitude of citizens from both the donating and receiving countries. Rajani will share insights from a career focused on increasing citizen agency to bring about social change in East Africa.

The two will discuss if citizen action will lead to solutions and what, if any, support government should be providing them. The debate takes places this Thursday, February 23 in The Hague, Netherlands. The event is co-hosted by Teldersstichting and Hivos. Read more.

The Future of Citizenship debate is the first in the ‘Future Calling’ initiative from Hivos. All of the discussions will focus on how our world will look in the future and what it means for NGO strategy and policy. Read more about Hivo’s ‘Future Calling’ debates here.


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