Uwezo weighs in on education debates in Kenya and Uganda

Effects of the $54.9 million that was misappropriated from the Kenya Education Support Sector Program two years ago continue to ripple through the country’s education sector. Half of the stolen funds were earmarked to build schools in disadvantaged areas. Donors withdrew support and opted instead to funnel resources into initiatives in the non-government sector. The result has negatively affected the quality of education in the country, Uwezo Regional Manager Sara Ruto told Voice of America. The vision for education has become fragmented, the very issue the Fund was set up to address. Read more.

Uwezo has discovered that children whose parents visit the school to discuss learning achievement perform better in English and mathematics, compared to those whose parents are not actively engaged. It’s no surprise then that a group of parents in Mbale, Uganda, upset over poor primary leaving examination results, recently summoned school administrators for a meeting. Across Uganda parents are becoming more proactive regarding their children’s school performance, the Daily Monitor reported. Read more.  

Uwezo Kenya Country Coordinator Dr. John Mugo is a proponent of the proposed switch from the 8-4-4 to the 2-6-3-3-3 education system. He said that any system needs to address the three areas of relevance, quality and equity. If each issue is given attention, national cohesion will increase. Read more in The Star.

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